Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nutrition Myth #1: Fat is bad.

I am starting my own myth busting series on nutrition. The first one revolves around the myth that "fat is bad".

The facts:

• Fat is a nutrient and it is important for our bodies to function.

• The body needs fat for energy, tissue repair and to transport vitamins A, D, E and K through the body.

• Fat helps us make hormones and is vital for proper brain development.

• Some fat is healthier than others.

• Saturated fats -- found mainly in animal products -- and trans fatty acids --found in commercially prepared baked goods and stick margarine -- can increase your bad cholesterol and therefore, increase your risk of heart disease.

• Monounsaturated fat -- found in seeds, nuts and olive oil -- can improve your cholesterol levels.

• Omega-3 fats -- found mainly in fish -- can help improve your heart as well as decrease your risk of cancer and strokes.

• About a third of your calories should come from fat.

• As with everything, fat should be consumed in moderation, especially if you are trying to watch your weight.

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