Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Eat locally - a Seattle restaurant recommendation

Our 2 week trip ended in Seattle. We needed to find a place for dinner and the only information about Seattle restaurants that I had was something I tore out of a Travel and Leisure magazine a few months ago. There were 3 on the list that sounded interesting, but the one that I thought would be the best was also the first one we would drive by. It is called Tilth and what made it special was it featured locally grown, produced and/or caught food and drinks.

The menu changes frequently which reflects the seasonal aspect. Each item is available in either a small or large portion. The waiter suggested multiple small portions so we can try various items. Since I am not a food critic or a restaurant reviewer, I don't want to get into the specifics about what we ate. But I will tell you a story about our dinner.

Our waiter was very talkative and knowledgeable. After my husband and I ordered wine, he asked my 10 year old son what he wanted to drink. As usually, he asked for "water". I am so glad he never asks for soda. But then the waiter starts telling him about the home-made sarsaparilla soda. I started to cringe when I heard the word "soda". When Marc asked what is sarsaparilla, the waiter explained it is made from sassafras roots. Marc made a connection because in camp they picked the sassafras roots and made tea. That brought back memories from my camping days when we picked fresh sassafras and made tea. What a wonderful memory! So, of course, Marc ordered the soda. When it arrived, we all had a taste. It was not sweet like mass produced sodas. It tasted refreshing and delicious. I was disappointed he liked it so much because I wanted more than a sip.

So if you are ever in Seattle and need a place to eat, consider Tilth It is on the pricey side, but it's a great experience. Another note is that it is considered the top 9th restaurant outside of New York City according to the New York Times.