Sunday, December 07, 2008

Personal Training - Coming Soon

It's the holiday season and I hope that you are enjoying the year-end parties and family celebrations. We take the time this year to be thankful for our families and friends. And look forward to a new year full of happiness and good surprises. It hasn't been an easy year for many people given the difficult economic climate. But that makes it even more important to eat well, exercise, reduce stress and get plenty of rest.

So that means in 2009, we are off to a new start. That includes myself. Beginning January 2009, I will start providing Personal Training. I have always advocated exercise and provided guidelines for fitness. But now I will begin actual training that is specific to your needs. Whether it is general wellness, weight loss or athletic performance, I will coach you so you can meet your goals.

Wellness is multifaceted. To feel healthy and energetic, you need to eat heathfully, exercise regularly, reduce stress and sleep well. Begin 2009 with a new outlook. Or better yet, begin today!

Happy Holidays!

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