Tuesday, February 15, 2011

True or False: Fidgeting burns calories

True:  Have you ever noticed the person that can't sit still is usually at a healthy weight?  Studies have shown that fidgeting burns more calories than sitting still.  So take some cues from your fidgety friend, significant other, family member or co-worker: 
- Instead of sitting during a meeting, stand up.
- Don't sit still when talking on the phone.  Get up and walk around while chatting on the phone (the beauty of cordless phones).
- Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
- Walk up or down escalators.
- Get up from your chair every 15 minutes.
- Instead of calling or emailing your coworker, take a walk to his/her desk.
- When watching TV, get up during commercials. Better yet, exercise or stretch while watching TV.

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